Welcome to Thee Olde Apothecary

Welcome to Thee Olde Apothecary

Hello! My name is Kelly Ford and I am so pleased you found your way to my new site! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I retired about five years ago from the great State of Texas as a Director with one of our state agency . After serving in my capacity for almost three decades, I decided to start checking things off my bucket list. So that's what I did!

I traveled for a couple of years and then went back to school for a couple of years as I have always loved archaeology and ancient history... and then I followed a dream I have had for 39 years... yes, since my oldest son was just 2 years old... I wanted to be a vendor at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX . It is the largest flea market in the world and is really just an amazing place. Anyway, I set up a cute little shop to sell my herbs, spices and teas, along with a hand turned stoneware collection in which I hand enameled with a black stripe and a gold bee. Because I just love bees! These will still be available at Canton but they are so heavy, it probably isn't very feasible to ship them. Anyway, by the second month, I knew I would need more room and it just worked out... as things do. So I was fortunate enough to get a space double the size right next to my original spot. So for the last three months I have set up in my new spot. 

The response to my products have just been so amazing that I really needed to set up an online store. You see, people come from all over to visit Canton on the weekend (Thursday through Sunday) before the first Monday of each month and they loved my stuff so much they wanted more! Now they did get the opportunity to smell the wonderful aromas of these amazing herbs, spices and teas that I have available, so they knew how fresh and top quality they are. But after they got home and tried them, they were even more impressed and have reached out for more. Using quality products make a remarkable difference!

I know you won't be able to appreciate the aroma of your selections prior to your purchase (unless you come to Canton) but know that I am committed to excellence in this endeavor. Whether it be the procurement of quality products, packaging, shipping or most importantly, your satisfaction as a customer... each of those factors determine whether I have been able to achieve my standard of excellence. Please know that your business will always be appreciated by me and I sincerely thank you for your support!

Having said all of that, you might be wondering what qualifies me to work with herbs, spices and teas on this level... well, I must admit I am not a medical professional but what I am is a good researcher and have spent years doing just that on the amazing botanical world. I've also worked in a garden since childhood, watched my Grandma make teas for the family when we were sick (which wasn't very often by the way) and from attending classes and reading lots of books. Each product offered on this site was selected because of it's beneficial properties. I invite you to do your own research and know you are getting a quality product, whether you are in search of ingredients for an herbal remedy, experimenting with new flavors, or securing the best ingredients for that favorite recipe. I mean after all, even the all time favorites... parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are very good for us! 

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